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The eVOTZ Technology Platform

eVOTZ is built upon a platform for discovery and mobile intelligence services. At the very heart of today's rapidly expanding geolocation landscape and mobile authentication voting processes, the new solution allows for the integration of location, presence and other network intelligence information.

The eVOTZ platform can be deployed as a subscription or transaction-based solution by voting service firms. This includes:

  • A cloud-based platform with easy to use tools that integrate high-performance, location-smart mobile voting applications
  • Always-available architecture via browser or smart client, with enterprise, location and tracking synchronization and data storage on independent third-party databases
  • Customizable content capabilities that can be tailored to customer location, account(s), voting history and preferences
  • Smart Card Web Server (SCWS) integration options and application of SIM tool kit (SDK) and JavaCard technologies
  • Delivery integration within other web platforms, such as social media destinations like Facebook and Twitter.

By combining cloud computing, GPS location-based services, SIM cards and emerging technologies like QR codes, eVOTZ transforms mobile devices into trustworthy voting machines for any election, vote or SMS informational polling process. Simply: this foundation opens new mobile opportunities for enforcing geo-permissions or geo-denials with voting and polling.

Why eVOTZ? How does it work?

eVOTZ is a location-based authentication and verification platform. If a user is at the right place at the right time, their vote can be submitted and counted—securely. The system prevents fraudulent or error-based duplications, providing location-based trustworthy voting by cell tower triangulation and other positioning techniques using a mobile web API within existing iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other Internet browser smartphone and cellular network connected tablet devices.

The eVOTZ® Technology Platform

The eVOTZ voting platform recognizes and improves upon three critical problems inherent with GPS location-based solutions for trustworthy voting and polling:

  1. Almost all voting and polling activity is conducted indoors where GPS location sensing signals generally are not operable or reliable.
  2. GPS location can be "spoofed" to mislead identifying voter or device being at a location when in reality they are not there.
  3. GPS sensor-based mobile device chipset approaches require the sensors to be activated on the personal handset and this adds power drain to the consumer mobile device's battery, resulting in rapid recharging needs (and an inferior user experience).

In contrast, eVOTZ improves upon prior GPS solutions with a system and method that is near-instant and non-spoofable. eVOTZ solutions apply an A-GPS ("Assisted GPS") location-based technique by cell tower triangulation location reporting that is fast, reliable and not dependent on being indoors to vote in an election or polling process.

eVOTZ offers cloud power solutions to manage large and small voting and/or polling events. Cloud solutions add power to grow ... or shrink, as needed. These solutions enable ground-breaking innovation through increased productivity, new development and new breeds of online mobile device collaboration and productivity tools being developed each day.  

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