eVOTZ, Inc.
eVOTZ® and Emerging Voting Technology

eVOTZ is leading research and innovation with mobile phone and tablet devices for voter authentication and polling interactions. SIM card provisioning for secure ID and election ballot downloading—both over-the-air and through mobile applications—can be applied for additional levels of security and authentication, with geo-location.

eVOTZ® - Authentication and Verification Options

This can provide stronger authentication levels for "official" election voting. Similarly, the camera function on mobile devices also permits new and convenient methods to scan signature documents and provide paper-based records for post-election auditing.

Longer term, built-in NFC receivers can interact with pre-configured, customized NFC tags on printed documents or postal mailings to shareholders or citizens. These emerging voting technologies open many new opportunities for eVOTZ applications and solutions, allowing for the transfer of secure information when the handset is waved above a tag.  

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