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eVOTZ and Cloud Computing Leadership

eVOTZ is committed to delivering on the promise of cloud computing. The company's leadership is broad in scope: we take a systems and architectural approach that builds upon the network-centric nature of cloud computing and location-based services, then apply that platform to verification and authentication with voting. eVOTZ is working in partnership with private and public cloud providers as they build and operate services, as well as leading university research groups in France and Canada for geolocation techniques made possible by emerging Global Network Satellite solutions and mobile device sensors planned for the EU with the launch of Galileo satellite systems.

This leadership and technology development effort is being conducted for early adopters, shareholder voting organizations and eGovernment clients that will beta test the eVOTZ solutions to provide feedback that will allow eVOTZ to improve and expand on the initiatives.

The eVOTZ platform was engineered to ensure ease of operation, offer a breadth of features, support a wide range of workloads and facilitate migration. The planned mobile voting communication and collaboration solutions connect geographically dispersed organizations, communities and individuals through rich, real-time experiences authenticated for trustworthy results with aforementioned geolocation techniques. If a user is in the right place at the right time, voting is permitted.

eVOTZ will also focus on market leadership in security, 'context, content and identity,' location-based awareness and consolidated policy management to increase transparency in shareholder meetings and communication ... as well as local government voting and polling solutions (all cloud-based and trustworthy).

eVOTZ works with a rich ecosystem to deliver complete solutions. Key partners have been identified to provide storage, systems management, virtualization software, application development, open source platforms, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and a variety of ready-to-deploy components. In addition, the eVOTZ hosting and service provider partners are propelling connectivity and public cloud services to businesses and consumers alike.

eVOTZ employs a powerful open standards infrastructure and API collaboration platform. This extensibity empowers the "hooks," allowing ecosystem players—shareholder e-solicitation firms such as Broadridge, application developers, independent service vendors, and data and content providers—to build additional functionality bringing the eVOTZ network voting and polling platform to all cloud participants.

eVOTZ makes new voting and polling business models possible. Companies (or governments) can:

  • Respond quickly to changing customer needs by polling for input
  • Collaborate more effectively to drive innovation and business value
  • Execute on strategies that might not have been cost-effective or reliable in the past.

Furthermore, companies can purchase these cloud-based services via a subscription model—paying only for what they need as it's necessary.  

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