eVOTZ, Inc.
eVOTZ® for Transactions

eVOTZ® Mobile Business Intelligence (eMBI) covers a collection of applications and tools that support an organization's decision-making process. Business intelligence has traditionally excelled at the who, when and what components, but not the where. This is where eMBI is different, since geospatial business intelligence from eVOTZ is more than just sporadic dots on a map.

We provide the other missing piece to the transaction authentication and verification puzzle—delivering a trustworthy mobile fraud reduction platform. This is augmented with third-party data and mobile network carrier cell ID towers analyzed by the eVOTZ Internet server application. eMBI provides a more complete picture and transaction authentication platform for governments, corporations and financial institutions.

We offer a single web interface for governments and third-party voting and transaction services to authenticate and compare cell tower ID location to pre-approved postal mail address location(s), providing them with seamless capabilities across mobile devices.

eVOTZ provides a leading technology platform and carrier-grade applications to provide a new authentication and verification solution for mobile device voting and related trustworthy transactions. Mobile access to positioning technology is no longer a "nice to have" option; for many fraud reduction applications, it's a must as mobile devices rely on position/location functionality more each day.

The eVOTZ patent-pending solution relies on hybrid positioning and technologies for mobile, including inertial positioning to provide accurate, robust and trustworthy reporting.

eVOTZ offers this platform as both a fully-managed service and an SDK. Services using the platform may be distributed as apps or hosted on the Internet with standard application programming interfaces (APIs) and other information connected to the mobile cloud.

We're currently out of beta invitations for the eVOTZ transaction platform, but please contact us to be placed on the waiting list.