eVOTZ, Inc.
eVOTZ® Integration with Social Media

Facebook and Twitter have been active catalysts in political processes around the world over the past few years. Most recently, social media and online resources like Google Maps played an unprecedented role in elections throughout the United States.

eVOTZ believes that many industries and environments will become more socially-empowered and impacted—ranging from political endeavors to the emerging paradigm of shareholder voting, e-solicitation and communication on mobile devices.

eVOTZ technology can leverage the burgeoning momentum of check-in features and location-based services for shareholder meetings or election events, with options including pre-registeration by mobile device and personal passwords to cast ballots or respond to polling events. These capabilities can be delivered as stand-alone web-based applications, downloadable mobile apps or integrations within social media websites as feature options.

Facebook created a new opportunity in August 2010 permitting services such as eVOTZ to access Places—the location-based reporting platform where members can choose to push check-ins or automated mobile location reporting to their pages. This enables Facebook members who sign up for eVOTZ to start pulling information from Places, scraping it for data about their identity, location, groups and more for trustworthy voting services within the secure eVOTZ platform.

As more social media organizations enable and support the growing mobile environment, eVOTZ gains valuable opportunities to provide trustworthy voting API services and applications to millions. The Google Latitude service is another new API that is transforming the location-based landscape. Rather than dozens of services requesting location details at the same time, Latitude keeps track of a user's location—and puts it in the cloud for these users to authorize third-party services.

eVOTZ will continue to explore secure mobile voting and polling integration options with Google Latitude, Facebook Places, Twitter, SimpleGeo and countless other social media platforms.