eVOTZ, Inc.
eVOTZ® and Mobile Sensor APIs

Current integrations of various mobile sensors open the way for even more robust voting authentication technologies and capabilities.

The increase in market traction for MEMS solutions like accelerometers, gyroscopes, electronic compasses and combo sensors in mobile phones and tablet devices creates many new voting technology enhancements.

A mobile sensor API allows mobile and Internet-connected software applications to fetch data easily and uniformly from the various types of sensor(s). An API offers a unified way of managing sensors—connected to the mobile devices—and access to this data for innovative voting and polling applications.

A sensor is any measurement data source and can include:

  • GPS
  • physical sensors such as magnetometers and altimeters
  • active-pixel sensor (API) using a CMOS camera module that can capture sensor data in the form of an image in a camera device.

eVOTZ is actively researching sensor solutions to improve voting and provide a next generation platform as part of its IP portfolio.

Mobile Sensor API device

eVOTZ technology applies multiple cell tower triangulation techniques combined with other mobile device API sensor data gathered and sent to a computer server over the Internet, as a data authentication and verification method in context of Internet voting systems or methods.