eVOTZ, Inc.
eVOTZ® Information Distribution and Polling

The eVOTZ platform mobilizes applications and business processes for new mobile carrier-based network device voting and polling communication authentication and verification opportunities, with mobile browser Internet delivery automation to build innovative "mobile advocacy" communication channels.

eVOTZ provides an information polling method, apparatus and system, where a message gateway receives an information polling request over a mobile device in an Internet- or SMS-based application client.

According to the received information polling request and response, the message gateway automatically acquires at least one location coordinate requested by the application and sends the acquired message requested by the application—with the location reference—to verify the poll response.

The eVOTZ application determines if the poll—by SMS or web page on mobile device browser—is being made from the registered location as an innovative technique to verify the poll response. If the location matches a distance range set by the polling authority, then the poll or opinion(s) can be reliably counted.

eVOTZ brings new efficiency and quality of information results ... improving the overall polling process.