eVOTZ, Inc.
eVOTZ® and Solutions for Voters with Disabilities

eVOTZ is conducting research and working on mobile solutions to provide accessible voting technologies that foster new solutions for voters with disabilities. This provides eVOTZ with a rewarding opportunity to:

  • add value
  • increase accessibility
  • enhance usability to benefit the electorate
  • provide transformative technologies with Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) sensors and cell tower identification approaches to meet the critical challenge of making voting more accessible to each and every eligible voter.

Currently, there are an estimated 54 million Americans living with a disability—a number that is expected to increase substantially as the population ages. eVOTZ can empower secure voting with geo-location authentication and verification, enabling people with disabilities so they need not travel to a local polling place to cast a vote or ballot. Instead, they can utilize their handheld mobile device with enhanced voice, camera and adjustable screens to make voting more accessible and convenient.

The result of research and testing in the United States, Canada and European Union will allow eVOTZ to distribute these mobile voting solutions to official election authorities once techniques are researched, tested and proven reliable by GNSS—as well as certified by appropriate local governing authorities.

eVOTZ has become a respected leader and resource regarding voting enablement for people with disabilities. In July 2009, eVOTZ founder Elliot Klein was asked to provide testimony to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) regarding "technological solutions for voting systems that ensure that voters with disabilities can vote in a private and independent manner."

Based on the findings, potential next steps may include a government grant to collaborate on and pursue these possibilities. Details of the public hearing can be found on the EAC website and the official testimony from Mr. Klein can be downloaded in PDF format for review.