eVOTZ, Inc.
Nokia Selects eVOTZ® As Finalist In Growth Economy Venture Challenge

The worldwide Nokia competition recognizes eVOTZ as a good business opportunity that can also contribute to "doing good."

LONDON – September 14, 2010 – On the heels of this week's Nokia Developer Summit, an international panel of Nokia judges selected eVOTZ as an idea that demonstrates how mobility can dramatically improve the lives of people as a contender in the international venture competition offering a $1 million dollar venture capital investment prize.

The Growth Economy Venture Challenge, which was launched this year in celebration of Nokia's commitment to new mobile products or solutions designed to improve the lives of people in the developing world, encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs from around the world to give their best business pitch. eVOTZ technology is changing the world—and allowing for people to participate in new ways regardless of their economic challenges, location or economic status.

eVOTZ provides a secure solution for people to get involved and make a difference via their mobile phone devices—in their own lives, in the community, in their country, in their business, in their government and throughout the world. Ian S. Gertler, an initial co-founder and current advisor presenting at the Nokia Developer Summit, demonstrated how eVOTZ is an empowering global solution. This presentation showcased the company's alliance with mKratos to explore an initial pilot in South Africa and rapidly expand into other emerging growth markets as a new mobile voting and polling platform.

eVOTZ is establishing a sustainable mobile solution that enables emerging markets and basically any other community with voting capabilities in a secure manner while solving many of the existing challenges that exist today (ie. low voter turnout, safety based on region like in the Iraqi elections, tally/validating results, inconveniences and transportation challenges to voting locations). Using mobile device adoption and proliferation, eVOTZ is touching every part of life in the wealthier nations of the world. Now, it's an incredibly important need for everyone. Government is a huge area, as it's often the path or obstacle to human rights. There are also countless other areas where voting and polling impact change dramtically, so eVOTZ becomes an enabling mobility solution to 'connect people.'

"eVOTZ was introduced today as a technology platform for smartphones that applies geo-location and SIM card technolgoies for secure voting apps for worldwide markets. First, in emerging growth economy markets where we can have the most significant positive impact ... and next in the Unites States and European Union, where recognition of social media's growth and mobile connectivity is an important tool that helps everyone achieve and succeed," said Gertler. "We received pitches that represent impressive business concepts from around the globe, but were thrilled that eVOTZ was able to utilize this opportunity as a platform to give back and make a difference in emerging growth market countries," noted the collective group of Nokia judges, corporate representatives and panelists.