Secure, Authenticated Location-Based Voting Places
—Anywhere, Anytime.

eVOTZ has created an application for carrier-connected smartphones and tablets that promises to revolutionize the election process in the 21st Century. The patent-pending eVOTZ application transforms carrier-connected mobile devices—mobile smart phones and tablets—into secure, authenticated location-based voting machines for any election or poll that depends on secure and authenticated participation for a valid and reliable outcome.

Why eVOTZ?

eVOTZ offers a convenient, cost-effective solution for the problems associated with governmental and organizational elections (at all levels) by offering:

  • Increased voter participation with the convenience of an "in-hand, virtual polling place"
  • Enhanced accessibility for disabled, handicapped and elderly voters
  • Reduced costs of printing, distributing and handling paper ballots
  • Elimination of fraud associated with absentee ballots
  • Increased transparency in the voting process
  • Replacement of expensive and "finicky" voting machines with technology-based solutions employing readily available, voter-owned mobile smartphone and tablet devices.

eVOTZ will do for voting what the ATM did for banking and what GPS systems did to improve travel.


21st century voting machine authenticates voter, delivers ballot, receives vote, tabulates votes, and renders results – uniformly, without paper, eliminating fraud.

By empowering citizens, government organizations and others with a secure and authenticated mobile platform that leverages the increasingly connected community through social media and civic engagement, eVOTZ will transform these processes from challenges to opportunities.

We invite you to learn more about eVOTZ—ranging from our company and technology to the various solutions that utilize this secure mobile voting, polling and transaction-based platform. eVOTZ also welcomes partners to collaborate with our patent pending solution to transition to a modern technology, so contact us today to join our beta program!