eVOTZ, Inc.
Why is eVOTZ® Better?

GPS positioning works fine in open sky conditions, but falls short when inside buildings or other shielded environments where voting and related transactions most often occur.

eVOTZ provides a new location architecture that provides and compares an approximate position in the absence of a GPS receiver; it can also augment GPS positioning in areas where satellite views are blocked. Our geo-location service gathers quick and reliable third-party cell tower information, without a GPS requirement. This means that our application compares location information in areas where there is no quick GPS coverage to authenticate transactions.

Today, most mobile devices are network-connected and eVOTZ makes sure that our clients and partners are at the forefront of location authentication and verification:

  • Examines the integration of location for business intelligence by applying cell-tower triangulation and mobile device sensor modules that can recognize, filter, analyze and verify geo-spatial information with your databases to better authenticate and prevent fraud.
  • Capitalizes on the value created by mobile and sensor-based information, while exploring new innovative paths for voter authentication, transaction check-ins and polling processes.
  • Utilizes GPS/mobile location data to create accurate and reliable Business Intelligence (BI).
  • Applies real-time event-driven enterprise databases and permissions with new mobile location technology.

The fast-moving nature of politics and elections today are now guiding citizens into social and mobile technology platform. There's no doubt about the huge influence of these movements and trends: social networks and mobile devices have combined to form the next mass consumer social wave of political and trustworthy participative expression.

Smartphones and mobile tablets are set to dominate the online market with the role of cloud computing and the imminent arrival of higher speed mobile data networks with new applications.

The patent-pending eVOTZ system and method is recognized with multiple international awards as the next-generation government voter registration, voting and SMS polling solution for verifiable and authenticated results in any election or polling event.