eVOTZ, Inc.
Why eVOTZ®?

Mobile is changing everything and that includes the outdated methods of voting. Today, smart devices can combine with location-based services (LBS) and permissions to realize the incredible opportunities empowering government and civic participation. Local, state and national agencies worldwide are embracing mobile technologies as secure and cost-efficient tools for personal identification ... fueling growth in e-government.

Adding reliable location information enhances existing Internet-based transaction services, creating entirely new applicationss for mobile voting and other device-based transaction authentications.

eVOTZ delivers location intelligence that can include:

  • handset-based technologies (such as SIM cards) with network-based technologies of cell tower triangulation geolocation that encompass Enhanced Cell-ID and U-TDOA
  • network and hybrid technologies (like A-GPS) with intelligence in the handset and the mobile carrier network.

We provide the other missing piece to the transaction authentication and verification puzzle by delivering a trustworthy mobile fraud reduction platform. This is augmented with your third-party data and mobile network carrier cell ID tower analyzed by the eVOTZ Internet server application to provide a complete transaction authentication platform for governments, corporations and financial institutions.

We offer a single web interface for governments and third-party voting and transaction services to authenticate and compare cell tower ID location to pre-approved postal mail address location(s), providing seamless capabilities across mobile devices (mobile handsets, tablets, embedding devices, operating systems and development environments such as mobile Web pages and applications).