eVOTZ, Inc.
The eVOTZ International Expansion Strategy

eVOTZ, headquartered in the financial capital of the world—New York City, has aggregated a team of international advisors and research laboratories for worldwide expansion. These initiatives have come to fruition from various competitons, awards, recognitions and relationships in the international community—including the SIMalliance association.

Eurecom Telecom ParisTech Entrepreneurs

eVOTZ is now collaborating with one of the most dynamic telecom-specialized incubators in France: Eurecom Telecom ParisTech Entrepreneurs (Côte d'Azur).

The incubator, located at the first European science park (Sophia Antipolis), is attached to the most prestigious Telecom Engineering School in France (Telecom ParisTech). The Telecom ParisTech Entrepreneurs team is comprised of a network of 40 multi-disciplinary experts: attorneys, accountants, innovation consultants and cloud-based IT computing professionals.

Through the institution's research labs, eVOTZ gains a technology-based diagnosis of the mobile voting and polling innovation applications being applied to these solutions.

University of Calgary's Position, Location And Navigation Group

eVOTZ is being further advised with consultations by the University of Calgary's Position, Location And Navigation (PLAN) Group. PLAN is dedicated to the research, development and improvement of wireless positioning and navigation technologies for outdoor and indoor use. Professor Gérard Lachapelle leads the PLAN Group with his colleague, Professor M. Elizabeth Cannon.