eVOTZ, Inc.
About eVOTZ

eVOTZ, the award-winning leader in mobile location-based voting and polling services, is developing the first, opt-in mobile voting authentication and verification platform. eVOTZ integrates cloud computing with wireless location-based services (LBS) and SIM card technology to transform mobile devices into trustworthy voting machines.

eVOTZ verifies and authenticates voting by automatically acquiring mobile device location data, then dynamically matching that geo-location with a voter's pre-registered address location(s) and identity details. A key element of this patent-pending authentication solution involves correlating the location of the vote or poll with the location of the end user's mobile device (phone, tablet, etc). Learn more about the eVOTZ technology.

eVOTZ delivers secure mobile solutions that address:

  • Municipal voting and government elections
  • Government and organizational elections
  • Information distribution and polling
  • Social media platform opportunities
  • Entertainment-related voting (ie. American Idol)
  • Voting for people with disabilities

Through a single cloud-based API, these unprecedented cross-carrier solutions allow eVOTZ to work with the spectrum of today's devices—from smartphones and tablets to basic feature phones, without requiring an app download. What does this mean? It's simple:

Right place, right time mobile voting on any device screen.