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Pending Patent Filings

eVOTZ, Inc. filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") on September 1, 2009, with international patent rights pending under the International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) to extend IP rights into additional worldwide markets.

With the objective of improving on voter authentication methods and systems to facilitate voting in an election by a voter using a mobile device such as a mobile telephone over a cellular phone network or similar wireless communication device network wherein the e-solicitation authorities use a computer system to receive, authenticate and count votes, we have discovered a computer-implemented method for authenticating a mobile device for electronic shareholder voting over the Internet comprising:

  1. Storing a geographical location of a voter's postal mail delivery address prior to an election, wherein the geographical location comprises longitude and latitude coordinates in a database stored in a computer server to which an election authority has access;
  2. Upon receiving from a mobile device at the computer server an Internet vote by the voter in the election and the geographical location of the device, determining whether the geographical location of the mobile device is within a pre-determined distance from the registered geographical location for the voter by cell tower triangulation geolocation ("A-GPS" or "Assisted-GPS"); and
  3. If the geographical location of the mobile device is not within the pre-determined distance from the registered postal address for the voter, rejecting the Internet vote and providing alternative options to cast the vote.

Authentication and verification techniques can be combined and transmitted by a wireless consumer device to create an improved, more convenient, trustworthy and reliable voting method by virtue of supplemental and automated authentication data capture and cell tower triangulation geo-location data sensing by cell tower location reporting combined with Internet access vote processing applications that can be sent by web browser application or downloaded into mobile devices.

This computer-readable data can be transmitted by the device to a computer server that can capture and compare data in a server to better authenticate a voter and related vote cast by an individual voter using an Internet-connected consumer device for Internet voting. A vote location may also be modified upon service registration or update to accommodate alternate home/business addresses or enter location(s) for approval such as a travel location.


The Company received notification from the USPTO that "eVOTZ" has been awarded a registered trademark (®) in November 2010. As a result, all rights are reserved and protected for the eVOTZ brand.